Armando’s Pillows (Video)

NTanzim, MMunna, JPerez- Change for the Day (Video)

KPoncedeleon and JDelacruz– Blessing Bags (Video)

ALin and TScott (Feat. 8B)– A Day in the Life


Animal Abuse

JMohamed- Elephant Ivory  (Scratch Game)

GCalandro, KClaudio, SBobbio, and EHernandez- Cosmet(h)ics (Video)

JMohamed- Elephant Ivory (Blog Post)

RRivera- The Meat and Dairy Industry (Video)




ALarancuent- Dave (Video)



Student Rights

YRodriguez– Search and Seizure of Bags & Cosmetics (Video)


Blood Diamonds

SMassaquoi (Song)


Dirty Water/Clean Water

RRosario- Affordable Water Filter (Video)

BMorales and MHill– LifeStraw


World Hunger

Britney Eats Insects! (Video)

Maria’s Kitchen: Cricket Brownies (Video)

DCastillo- Who’s Worth More? (Image)



Bottled Water

Ban Bottled Water Leather Bracelet (Video)

Ban the Bottle Pillow (Image)

JJabarteh- Can you tell the Difference? (Video)

Bottle Cops (Video)



Teen Pregnancy & STD’s

JGadson, ACabrera, and CMclaughlin- Pregnant Teen Barbie (Video)

ACruz- Ain’t Too Proud (Song + Lyrics)

MAlmonte & DCalcano (Song + Lyrics)

BPerez- Teen Pregnancy (Infographic)

Teen Sex Blog (Website)




ASanchez, TArnolod, and BLee (Animation)

ASanchez- Nuclear Radiation and North Korea

JMata– Flower Tank (Scratch Game)



Healthy Relationships & Cheating

JMejia & Econtreras– Cheating (Video)


KQuarles- Ain’t No Bullies Allowed (Song)

NTanzim- Anti-Muslim Discrimination (Video)

ACruz (Feat. TMartin)- Inside the Mind of a School Shooter (Song)

ALin- Free to be Bullied (Video)

SPerez- Music is my Protection (Drawing)

What’s Beauty? (Poem)

RBrown- Ryan’s Story (Song)

JMiranda, DMedina, TWells, & MMartin (Song)

AWalker (Song)

YGuo & JMohamed (Lyrics)

RDewberry (Blog Post)



Child Abuse

RReddix (Feat. SBianca) (Song)




RReddix and ACruz– Wear the Latex




MAlmonte, EContreras & JMejia – Go Ahead (Song)

There is no Right Way to be a Girl Pillow (Image)

IMoreno- GTA Remix (Webpage Hack)

YRodriguez- Dumb Blond (Image)

TMartin- Same Love Remix (Poem)

TMartin- Team Black- I Love my Skin (Poem)



Domestic Violence

MAlmonte, EContreras, & JMejia  (Video)




DCastillo- Steroid Clown (Image)




AFeliciano (Boston Marathon Bombing)

YEscalara (9/11 Memorial)

JCapellan (9/11 Memorial)

JColon (9/11 Memorial)

TArnold (9/11 Memorial)

NBegum (9/11 Memorial)

AOrtega (9/11 Memorial)

ALin (9/11 Memorial)

TTang (9/11 Memorial)

WNunez (9/11 Memorial)

KHernandez (9/11 Memorial)

GRobinson (9/11 Memorial)

MGarrick (9/11 Memorial)

TGolson (9/11 Memorial)

JRodriguez (9/11 Memorial)

EBrann (9/11 Memorial)

TGolson (Airport Security)




GUdechi (Scratch Game)

YGuo (Scratch Animation)



Drug Abuse

GMeixueiro (Scratch Game)



Societal Ills

KQuarles- Struggle (Music)

AWalker (Song)




JColon (X-Ray Goggles)

DHassan- Miracle Berry to Fight Obesity (Video)

JColon  (Scratch Game)

RDewberry (Scratch Game)




The Environment

WRodriguez, RMoran, EHernandez- DIY AC (Video)

From Mouth to Trash (Video)

RDewberry (Scratch Animation)

CLora & JGalan (Recycling Song)



Natural Disasters

RRivera (LED Throwies DIY)




RDewberry (Prezi)



Teen Life: Poems and Blog Posts

Jessica- The Sword is Silencer (Art + Poem)

Tope- The Secret (Music)

PMarquez- Rain (Poem)

AJimenez Society Nowadays (Blog Post)

RDewberry- Introvert (Blog Post)

CDiaz- F*%K Valentines Day (Blog Post)

AJimenez- Book about my Life (Blog Post)

HAriza- My Weakness (Poem)

LHernandez – The Memory of Death (Poem)

MBetances- How is it that You’re so Different? (Poem)

JVargas- I’m Over it (Poem)

YCajigas- Guilt (Poem)

JTlatenchi-Forgetting Family Memories (Blog Post)

SMarte – Don’t Forget (Poem)

MBetances- Hole in my Heart (Poem)

Athomas- Tear (Poem)

Anthony- Like Father Like Death (Poem)

JTineo- Feeling N Thoughts (Blog Post)







AJimenez- Letter to Nike (Blog Post)

TSebelen- Letter to Nike (Blog Post)

ESanchez- Letter to Nike (Blog Post)

KMiller-Letter to Nike (Blog Post)

Y Cajigas- Letter to Nike (Blog Post)

DSim- Sweatshops (Poem)




SPerez- Immigration Eye (Drawing)




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