Your One and Only Assignment

OK Island Schoolers, let’s take a moment to describe your one and only REQUIRED assignment in our Social Action Makerspace.  Due May 21st, you need to create a StoryBoardThatGoAnimate, song, Scratch game, or an essay about any social issue that we’ve talked about this year in The Techbrarian Journal.  Your assignment must include the following:

What a “day in the life” of a person with this problem looks like. For example, if you choose LGBTQ+ as your issue, you might have a storyboard featuring a transgender person excluded from the bathroom of their choosing.


A hero and a villain that really exist in this problem.  For example, in the case of smoking, cigarette companies are the villains…so you could show them placing advertisements near schools to attract young customers,  For a hero, maybe Butt-Collector man could collect cigarette butts that aren’t biodegradable.

What people, animals, or parts of nature are most affected by the problem. How are they affected?  For example, in the case of plastic, sea animals are most affected, because they consume our littered plastic.


How big is the problem? For example, in the case of guns in America, every day, 7 children and teens die from gun violence.  Please include at least one fact.


What are some solutions that people (or you!) have come up with to solve the problem?  For example, Meatless Mondays was created to reduce how much meat we eat.


If you choose to make a StoryBoardThat, it should have at least 6 panels.

If you choose to do a GoAnimate it should be at least 1 minute long.

If you choose to write an essay, it should be at least 200 words.  If you have a computer at home, please write your essay on Google Docs and share it with  If you don’t have a computer, you may hand write it.

Out of ideas?  Click HERE to see a brainstorm about story topics.

Finally, let me say this: if you have another way to express your understanding of a social issue, let me know and we’ll make it happen.