In the Problems section, you learned about important issues affecting the lives of people here in the U.S. and around the world.  Some students will use that information to make products that spread the word about the problem.  Other students, might choose to invent solutions.  Your invention could be a Scratch game to better educate people about the problem; it could be a machine you create with lego, woodwork and the Makerbot; a board game or a club; it could be a song, a TV advertisement, jewelry, soap, whatever you can think up!

Here are 3 questions you might want to ask yourself before building your invention:

1) Is my idea original or has it been done before? (Hint: your’s should be original or really improve on something already out there).

2) Does my invention show that I really understand the ins and outs of the problem?  Every problem is complicated, so your solution should not be simple or obvious.

3) Is the idea doable?  If your idea will cost a billion dollars, break the laws of physics, or break the law, then it probably isn’t.

Against Violence
Airport Security
Battle Against Smoking
Sport Safety
Body Image
 Fighting Diseases
Disaster Relief
The Future of Food 
 Fighting Obesity
 Help for the Disabled
Mental Health
Parenting and Relationships
Protecting Animals
Providing Clean Water/Air
Racism and Stereotypes
Reproductive Rights and Gender Equality
Saving the Environment
Solving the Energy Crisis
Sweatshops and Child Labor


 Technology: Bullying and Texting
 Teen Pregnancy+Sex Ed.
 Special Needs
Traffic and Safety


Check out these problem solvers for inspiration:


GenderMixer (Game)

Clothing Brand for Plus-size women (Video)

Buy Nothing Day (Video)  Flyer 1  Flyer 2

Buy Nothing Day Slideshow (Video)

Banksy- Jesus Shopping (Image)

Banksy- Consumer Praying (Image)

Banksy- Drunk Mickey (Image) 


Franz Jerome Poem about NYPD’s “Stop and Frisk policy” (Video)

Prince Ea: She Said, “I’m going to Kill you”  (Video)

What Makes #NeverAgain Different (Video)

Teens Tell Vice Why They are Protesting the Parkland Shootings (Video)

Good Bread– Former Gangbangers work as bakers

Malala Yousafzai : Introduction (Video)

Anti-Abuse Message Only Kids Can See (Video)

NFL Players Say No More to Rape (Video)

A Ride Home From Prison (Video)

Beauty Tips by Reshma- How to get Perfect Red Lips (Video)=

20 Standout Groups Stopping Domestic Violence (Webpage)

#BeAModelMan (Video)

Cell Phones for Victims (Video)

Campaign Zero- Ending Police Violence (Website)

A Bullet Attachment that Could Save Lives (Video)

Has This Teen Created The World’s Safest Gun? (Video)

Police Wearable Cameras (Movie)

Howard Barry Illustration (Illustration)

Old White Man with a Sign (Image)

A New Weapon in the Hands of Protesting Ukrainians (Image)

Banksy- Shooting Crayons (Image)

Not Asking to be Raped (Image)

Whispers from the Field-Violence Against Migrant Women (Video)

How to Sneak Candy into a Movie Theater (Tweet)

Can’t Prevent Gun Violence (Image)

A Few Bad Cops (Tweet)

Rest in Peace Eric Garner (Image)

Emma’s Mattress (Graphic)

Tackle Guys (Image)

This is Rape Culture (Infographic)

Fashionable Safety Jewelry (Video)

They are Counting on You– Safe Firearm Storage (Video)



Self Service Bag Check (Video)

Failed Shoe Bomber (Quote)


Restaurant Prank (Video)

Fragile Childhood (Video)

Suddenly Got Scary Part 1Suddenly Scary Part 2 (Images)

Alcohol Can End Your Party (Image)

Resisting Alcohol- Image 1Image 2Image 3



Cigarette Parody Ads: Camel 1, Camel 2, Camel 3, Kool, Marlboro 1, Marlboro 2, Marlboro 3, Marlboro 4, Newport

Glory’s Cigarette Game (Scratch Game)

Petter’s Cigarette Smoke Detecting Shirt (Video)

SmokerPoker– Stop smoking through Facebook 

Look at Me (Video) (Videos)

Logic- Nikki (Music)



A New Helmet for NFL’s Concussion Problem (Video)

Spot the Drowning Child (Interactive Video)  ** YouTube Required

Blaze Laser Light- Projects the Symbol of a Bike (Video)

Lumos Helmet (Video)

Helmet For–  Stickers promoting helmet safety

Invisible Helmet (Video)


Comfortable?  50 People, One Question (Video)

Vitiligo Queen (Video)

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Breaking Stereotypes (Image)

This Girl Can (Video)

This Girl Can: Phenomenal Women (Video)

Dove- Thought Before Action (Video)

Unknown Artist Pasted Photoshop Toolbar on H&M Posters (Image)

Petty Girls Making Ugly Faces– Challenging the Pressure to be “beautiful”- (Tumblr),  NYTimes Article

Let’s Stop Body Shaming (Image)

Thighs Touching (Image)

Tips to Support Girls’ Rights (Webpage)

I Love my Hair (Video)


Activate (Game)

A Message to Bullies (Video)

Island School Student: CQuarles- Ain’t No Bullies Allowed (Song)

Island School Student: NTanzim- Anti-Muslim Discrimination (Video)

Island School Student: ACruz (Feat. TMartin)- Inside the Mind of a School Shooter (Song)

Island School Student: ALin- Free to be Bullied (Video)

Island School Student: SPerez- Music is my Protection (Drawing)

Island School Student: TTunn- What’s Beauty? (Poem)

Island School Student: RBrown- Ryan’s Story (Song)

Island School Students: JMiranda, DMedina, TWells, & MMartin (Song)

Island School Student: AWalker (Song)

Sit With Us App (App Download)  Click HERE for Article.

IWitness Bullying (Video)

IWitnessBullying Emoji (Video)

Rethink Keyboard (Document)

A Brave Heart- The Lizzie Velasquez Story- Trailer (Video)   Click HERE for Full Movie

PACER’S National Bullying Prevention Center (Website)


Imaginary Friend Society-Fight Cancer (Video + Website)

Nivea’s Sunburn Baby (Video)

Genetically Modified Mosquitos to Fight Malaria (Video)

Fighting Fire with Fire (Video)

Mona Lisa with Cancer (Image)

If Only for a Second (Video)

Henna Heals (Website)

Mosquito Killer Billboard (Movie)

Jerry The Bear– Helping kids with Diabetes


FEMA: Disaster Preparation (Video)

How You Can Help People Affected By Harvey (Webpage)

4 Ways Hurricane Sandy Is Still Transforming NYC’s Infrastructure (Blog Post)

What would you do with $25,000— Typhoon Haiyan (Video)

Food Distribution, Toyota-style (Video)

Protecting the City Before Next Time (Article)

The Tunnel Plug (Article)


Island School Student: Britney Eats Insects! (Video)

Island School Student: Maria’s Kitchen: Cricket Brownies (Video)

Island School Student: Castillo- Who’s Worth More? (Image)

The Impossible Burger (Video)

Should We Eat Bugs (Video)

Should We All be Eating Insects? (Video)

Can Eating Bugs Save the World? (Video)

Bugs The Film (Video)

Bug Tacos (Video)

Ento- Marketing bug products (Video)

11 Bug Dishes (Webpage)

List of Edible Insects (Webpage)

Livin’ Farms (Video)

Bug Cooking (Video)

Hopper Bars (Video)

You May Be Eating Bugs Sooner than you Think (Webpage)

TED Talk: Why Not Eat Insect HERE– (Video)

What Cody Saw (Video)  ***Warning, Contains Disturbing Images

Inglorious Vegetables (Video)

Food Forward: Go Fish (Video)

Food Forward: Meat of the Matter (Video)

Food Forward: Seeds of Change (Video)

Food Forward: School Lunch Revival (Video)

Food Forward: Future of Food (Video)

Food Forward: U.S. of Agriculture (Video)

Food Forward: Food Justice (Video)


Pushin’ Weight (Music Video)

The Sage Project–Simple Nutrition Info (Website)

Food Forward: Food on the Brain (Video)

Health Justice Manifesto (Video)

By Any Sweets Necessary (Music Video)

Candy Man (Music Video)

Purest Poison (Music Video)

Farm Living (Spoken Word Video)

The Corner (Spoken Word Video)

Hear No (Spoken Word Poetry)

Death Recipe (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

I Speak for the People (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Countdown  (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Product of his Environment (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Sole Mate (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Lost in Translation (Spoken Word Poetry Video)  En Español

Block ‘O Breakfast (Video)

Un Sabor De Casa (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Thin Line (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Perfect Soldiers (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Chocolate Smile (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Targets (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Mandela Food Co-op– Healthy food where it’s hard to find (Video)

What’s on your Plate– Eating Healthy (Movie) Part 2Part 3

DHassan’s Miracle Berries (Video) 

Lahana’s Obesity Song (Music)

Evil KFC Ketchup (GIF)

7 Food lies (Video)


Eminem: Donald Trump (Video)  **Must have permission from Dr. Lahana to watch.


WayBan- Vibrating Wrist Bant to Help the Blind Navigate (Video)

SignAloud: Sign Language Gloves (Video)

Phoenix Bodysuit (Video)

Be My Eyes (Video)

IZ Designer Clothing for those in Wheelchairs (Website)

Miracle Feet- Help for Children with Clubfoot (Video)

One Dollar Glasses (Video)

Liftware- Eating with Tremors (Video)

Altar Ur Ego- Fashion for those in Wheelchairs (Video)

Valspar: Color For The Colorblind (Video)

Derby the dog: Running on 3D Printed Prosthetics (Video)

Amputee Makes History with Modular Prosthetic Limb (Video)

FingerReader- Wearable Text Reading Device for the Visually Impaired (Video)

Grit Leveraged Freedom Chair– A wheelchair made out of bicycle parts for 3rd world countries

Robot controlled by brainwaves (Video)

Ekso– Bionic walking suit for the disabled

3D Printed Prosthetic Hand (Video)

Bionic Hand gives Sense of Touch to Amputee (Video)

Nico- Overcoming Adversity (Video)

Kid-Friendly Wheelchair (Webpage)

Frail old Lady Carwash (Vine)

Lego Tortoise (Webpage)

The Collective Project: Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a Real Bionic Arm (Video) Describing Website Images for the Blind (Website)

Be Right Back- Wheelchair Protest (Image)

BuzzClip- Collision detection for the blind (Video)

M and D Crutches (Video)

Wheelchair that lets Paraplegics Stand (Video)


In a Heartbeat (Animation) Kids React (Video)  Older Elders React (Vide0)

Island School Student: ALarancuent- Dave (Video)

A Closed World (Game)

I am Jazz (Book) . Jazz Reading her Book (Video)  TV Show (Video)

Restroom Sign (Image)

Look Past Pink and Blue– Alisha & Charlie (Image)

Ireland: Support Marriage Equality (Video)

Letter from a Mom with a Gay Son (Document)

If Straight People had to Come Out (Video)

Boys Wear Skirts in Support of Transgender Classmate (Webpage)

Storybook Remix: Boy Next Door, Spoon, Superman, Elsa and Superman (Images)

In my Shoes (Video)

The Daily Show: Trans Panic Epidemic (Video) ** MUST HAVE DR. LAHANA’S PERMISSION TO VIEW

Love has no Labels (Video)


Elude: What it Feels like to Have Depression (Game)

Amazing Spelled Backwards (Webpage)

Joy for All Companion Pets:  Cat    Dog    Website

It’s OK to Need Help (Images)

Stuffed Animals for Company (Image)

Understanding Starts with Listening (Image)

Helping a Depressed Friend (Comic)

What Depression Actually Feels Like (Graphic)

Depression is a Silent Killer (Image)

The Present- Dealing with a Disability (Video)

Explaining my Depression to my Mother (Video)

I Jumped Off the Golden Gate Bridge  (Video)

Bully-Me: Overcoming Bulimia (Video)

PARENTING AND RELATIONSHIPS Inspirational Stories (Videos)

Fatherhood Involvement: Cheerleader (Video)

Fatherhood Involvement: Manicure (Video)

Fatherhood Involvement: Reunion (Video)

Fatherhood Involvement: Hide & Seek (Video)

Healthy Relationships: Love is… (Image)


Island School Student: Armando’s Pillows (Video)

Haircuts for the Homeless (Video)

Plastic Sleeping Mats for the Homeless (Video)

Trends for Teens: Clothes for Setting Goals (Website)

Island School Students: Nila, Mirza, and Jessica- Change for the Day (Video)

Island School Students: Katherine and Judy- Blessing Bags (Video)

Island School Students: ALin and TScott (Feat. 8B)– A Day in the Life

Soles4Souls- What we do (Video) 

Soles4Souls- The Power of a Pair of Shoes (Video)

Lava Mae: Showers for the Homeless (Video)

Give Back Films: $100 for Homeless (Video)

Box City SF: Finding Jobs for the Homeless (Website)  Click HERE for Article+Video

Wet Houses (Video)

Two Sides (Poster)

Banksy’s McDonalds (Video)

Mobile Homeless Shelters of the Future (Webpage)

Homeless Air Vent  “Parasite” (Webpage)

One Sandwich at a Time (Webpage)

Banksy- Forget Change (Image)

You’re a Human Being (Image)

Unhappily Ever After- Poverty (Image)

Liter of Light (Video)

1800 Runaway (Video)

Parable of the Polygons (Game)


Island School Student: JMohamed- Elephant Ivory  (Scratch Game)

Island School Students: GCalandro, KClaudio, SBobbio, and EHernandez- Cosmet(h)ics (Video)

Island School Student: JMohamed- Elephant Ivory (Blog Post)

Unlocking the Cage- Trailer (Video)– Click HERE for Full Video

Before/After Pet Adoption (Images)

Lion Lights- Protecting animals

SMS Alert– Catching Elephant Poachers

Battle for the Elephants (Video)

San Diego Bans Pet Stores from Selling Cat & Dogs (Video)

Rescuing a Homeless Dog (Video)

How Saving a Pet Might just Save your Life (Infographic)

If you Suspect Animal Abuse (Infographic)

Dog in Hot Cars- What you can do (Infographic)

Glowing Reindeer Antlers (Image)

#Looking For You (Video)

Photos of Dogs before being Euthanized (Images)

Prisoners of Greed- Rescuing Animals from Puppy Mills (Website)

Turn off Geotag (Image)

Rhino Cam (Video)

Taste Test of Lab Grown Meat (Video)

Cultured Beef Process (Video)

“Leather” and Cloth from Kambucha Tea (Blog Post)   More Info(Article)  How to Make it (Tutorial)

Twilight Zone- Human Zoo (Video) 

Lion Fish Killer Robot (Video)


Island School Student: RRosario- Affordable Water Filter (Video)

Island School Students: BMorales and MHill– LifeStraw

DayOne Purification Water Bag (Video) 

Mr. Toilet (Video)

The Drinkable Book (Video)

Hidden Dangers Project (Website)

Food Forward: Quest for Water (Video)

Everyone is In–   WaterForPeople (animation)  Part 2

Bottle Cops – Ending Bottled Water

Clean Water–

The WaterMill– Water From Air (Video)

Coca-Cola’s EkocCenter (Video)

PackH2O– A backpack for carrying water in 3rd world countries (Video)

QDrum– Rollable Water Transport

Aqua4- Solar Powered Water Still that Cleans waste water

Naked Portable Filter (Video)

SciGirls: Aqua Bots (Video)

Door Filter (Video)

Hydroventiv- Green Roof to help overflowing sewers (Video)

StreetCreeks- Gardens to help overflowing sewers (Video)

Altered Noze– Atomized Water (Video)

Homemade Water Filter (Video)


Nike Pro Hijab (Video)

Pot Noodles (Video)

Signs of the Times (Video)

Love has no Labels (Website)

Fans of Love (Video)

People React to Being Called Beautiful (Video)

Ms. Marvel (Comic Book)

Everybody’s Different (Video)

I’m Sorry, can you see my Shoulders? (Image)

Dear Donald Trump: Meet my Father (Video)

Hands Up on Newspaper (Image)

Mike Brown Protest (Image)

Bomani Jones Wears “The Caucasians” Shirt (Video)

Team Hats (Image)

Feminist Hacker Barbie (Website)

GoldieBlocks– Girls and Science (Video) 

Reverse Racism (Feat. Aamer Rahman, Comedian) (Video) 

Ban Bossy- I’m not Bossy, I’m the Boss (Video)

Ban Bossy- Change the Story (Video)

Ban the Word “Bossy” (Website)

VH1 Revenge of the Nerds (Video)

The Caucasians (Tweet)

If We Lived In A World Where Women Catcalled Men (Video)

Cats Against Catcalls (Image)

Letter to Dick’s Sporting Goods 

Tampon Run  (Article)    Tampon Run (Game)

Women Shouldn’t – UN (Image)

It was Never a Dress– (Image)

Girl Stuff (Image)

Dear White People (Tweet)

Woman With Down Syndrome Is The Face Of Beauty Campaign (Video)

Why Girls Can’t Code (Video)

Pulling Hijab Off- Social Experiment (Video)  ** MUST HAVE DR. LAHANA’S PERMISSION TO VIEW

Stop Calling Feminists ‘Feminists’ (Image)


Why Box Children in? (Image)

Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Supporters Search for Common Ground (Video)

Vessel- Pro-Life Ship (Video) Vessel Website (Video)

Go Girl Portable Urinary Bathroom Device (Image)

Donkey Kong- Pauline Edition (Video)


Plastic Detox (Mind Map)

Life Without Plastic (Video) (Video)  Click HERE for their Website

Cigarette Butts (Video)

Edible Packaging (Video)

Too Good to Go- Preventing Food Waste in Restaurants (Video)

BrainPOP: Biofuels (Video) 

BrainPOP: Hybrid Cars (Video) 

BrainPOP: Fuel Cells (Video) 

BrainPOP: Wind Energy (Video)

Edible Cutlery (Video)

Future Forward: Make Food, Not Waste (Video)

Aerochromics- Pollution Reactive Clothing (Video) Website

Climate Changed (Image)

Earth to Paris (Video) More info Click HERE

Hotaru Shower (Video)

Peecycling (Video)

Styrofoam-Eating Mealworms (Article)

Recycling Cigarette Butts (Video)

Out of Fashion- A Campaign for Forest-Friendly Fabric (Video)

What if Waste Had Worth? (Interactive Graphic) 

Puma Re-Cut Project (Video)

Recycling Snapple Bottles (Video)

Flower Bombing  (Video)  Shorter instructions HERE

RenewUS– Climate Change

BottleShare– Re-using water bottles

Earth Plants a Future- (Video)

Imagine if Trees… (Image)

Rapid Packing C0ntainer (Video)

Sunset Park Material Recovery Facility (MRF)  (Webpage)

How Does Material Recovery Work? (Animation)

Ooha Edible Packaging (Webpage)

ShellShocked- Saving Oysters to Save Ourselves (Movie Trailer) More Info Click HERE

Live Green Toronto (Images): Lowlife,  DipstickSelfishLazyDumbPig

Garbage Shoes (Video)

Banksy- I don’t Believe in Global Warming (Image)

Coca Cola- 2nd Lives (Video)

How Whales Change the Climate (Video)

Watch Your Dead Tech Get Demolished at an E-Waste Recycling Plant (Video)

The Green Lumen (Video)

Edible Plastic Rings for Soda (Video)

Big Dreams: Recycled Bottle (Video)

Big Dreams: I want to be a Bench (Video)

Cardboard Bike (Video)


Poop Powered Cars (Video)

Solar Freakin’ Roadways (Video)

Harvesting electricity from Lobsters– Clean Energy

Solar-Powered Ray-Bans– (Video)

sOccket– Energy Ball 

Saphon Energy– Redesigned Wind Turbine

Luci Solar Lamp

Heat People Not Buildings (Video)

Electricity by Walking (Video)

Portable Energy (Video)


Banksy- Child Sewing Flags (Image)

Change your Shoes (Video)


Systems are Failing (Video)

Device Free Dinner (Video)

Stop Phubbing (Website)

Look Up (Video)

Get Your Head out of your Apps (Image)

The More we Connect, the Less we Connect- Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Big Data (Image)

Web 2.0 Suicide Machine (Video)

Chess with a Troll (Image) 

ACLU’s Jack– Government Surveillance Spoof (Video)

Banksy- Facebook Prison? (Image)

We Found the Future (Image)

Banksy- Cell Phone Love (Image)

Banksy- Flower Camera (Image)

Troll (Animation)

Lasers Against Helicopters (Image) 

Snowden: Arguing you Have Nothing to Hide (Image)

Phone Crashing (Video)

Phubbing- A Word is Born (Video)







The Pregnancy Project (Movie)

100 Questions You’d Never Ask Your Parents (Book) ** MUST HAVE DR. LAHANA’S PERMISSION TO VIEW


Consent is a Conversation (Image)

“No” Does not Mean “Convince Me” (Image)

My Clothes do not Determine my Consent (Image)

Consent is Like Tea (Video)


Protesting U.S.’ Muslim Ban (Video)

French Bombing Security Guard (Paragraph) 

Syrian Refugees (Tweet)

WTC Reborn– Infographic 

Rebuilding Ground Zero (Movie)


StopAbuse- Puppet Show (Video)


Sesame Street and Autism: A Sibling Story (Video)

Sesame Street and Autism: Thomas’ Story (Video)

Sesame Street and Autism: Being a Supportive Parent (Video)

The Autistix– Autism Rocks! (Video)

Bouncy Bands (Video)

Squease Vest (Video)


Dancing Traffic Traffic Light (Video)

Stay off the Tracks (Image)

Street Pong (Video)

Car-shaped Bike Rack (Image)

Ambulance that Interrupts Radio (Video)

Texting Stops (Article)

iOS Car Mode (Article)

Texting While Driving (Video)

Katasi Groove- Keeping Drivers Focused on the Road (Video)

Bass Blaze- Putting out Fires with Bass (Video)

Dinosaurs + Cars (Comic)

GPS with Child’s Voice (Video)

Lumanki Fire Sensor (Video)

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